HoCo District 3 Primary Election – Final Thoughts & Thanks

HoCo District 3 Primary Election – Final Thoughts & Thanks

Before I discuss my recently ended campaign for office, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the victims of last week horrific shooting in Annapolis. Regardless of specific motives, or the continuing conversation about gun violence in our nation, this is a tragedy, and I am saddened that we continue to witness such events. My heart goes out to the victims, those close to them, and the communities of Annapolis and the Capital Gazette/Baltimore Sun. I would ask that everybody please keep all affected by this senseless act of violence in your thoughts and prayers as they face the difficult days ahead.

With respect to the election, the results of June 26th did not turn out as I had hoped. That said, this campaign was never about my own political ambitions. From the very beginning, I called this a community conversation about the future of our great County, and I was proud – and thankful – to be able to put forth ideas and policies that I believe will improve Howard County, and the lives of those that live in District 3 and beyond. This was an incredible journey, and I walk away with absolutely no regrets. Thanks to everybody that has reached out to me in the days following the primary election. Your emails, texts, phone calls and handshakes have made it clear that we did, in fact, have an impact.

I want to congratulate Christiana Rigby on her election as the next District 3 representative to the Howard County Council, as well as Greg Jennings and Hiruy Hadgu for their willingness to serve. As I said on more than one occasion, District 3 got more than just a new councilmember out of this process; rather, it got four new leaders, and I look forward to working with Christiana, Greg and Hiruy in the future. I also want to congratulate all who ran for office. Running for office is one of the great challenges I’ve faced in my life, and I have nothing but the utmost respect for those that sacrificed so much to lend their voices to the conversation. We have some amazing individuals in our County; I look forward to working with many of you in the coming months and beyond.

There are so many people to thank I could easily write a long post doing only that. From those that provided advice, to those that generously contributed to our campaign, I am humbled and honored by all that believed in me from the very beginning. I, of course, must start with my amazing wife, Meg, and my equally amazing children, Paige and Jason. People focus on how much a candidate sacrifices to run for office, but their families give as much or more to allow those that choose to run for office do the things necessary to get their message out. I will be forever thankful to have such and amazing support system at home, you guys are the best!

I also am blessed to have a great group of friends that stood by my side through this process. This list includes Anne and Bill Santos; Bill Woodcock; Scott Ewart; James Howard and Nina Basu; Terry and Jason MacPherson; Joyce Nash; Pat Nash; Amanda and Mike Milochik; Stacy and Ray Pomeroy; Melinda and Frank Byrns (and Harper, of course); and Lee and Steven Sachs. Thanks to you, and anybody that I missed, for your support, I am forever grateful.

As far as what’s next for me, I’m going to effectively take the summer off from politics to reconnect with family and friends (I owe much time to Meg and the kids), tend to some personal and professional matters, and otherwise get back to life as it was before I decided to embark on this journey. Once summer is over, I plan on getting involved in the general election campaigns where I am passionate about either a candidate or issue (or both).

Beyond Campaign 2018, I will still be involved in both community and Howard County issues. Even as a candidate for office, I considered myself first a community advocate, and I look forward to getting back to that role. The campaign has ended, but our mission has not. I still believe in the potential of Howard County, and look forward to working with others to build upon our great past to realize that potential.

I don’t know if I can fully express how grateful I am to so many people for their support along this incredible journey. It’s been one of the great experiences in my life, and your support has meant so very much to me. Thank you for being there every step of the way, talk soon.

All the best –  Steve